''The Isis Thesis: A Study Decoding 870 Ancient Egyptian Signs''
Judy Kay King

ISBN: 9780976281405 | 398 pages | 10 Mb


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The Isis Thesis: A Study Decoding 870 Ancient Egyptian Signs Judy Kay King
Publisher: Envision Editions, Limited

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JISCMail - ACADEMIC-STUDY-MAGIC Archives a decoding of all that remains of the tombstone of . be based on the ancient egyptian theology* of the 'all-father' (amun ra) and the other gods (isis, osiris, itself said to be based on the ancient egyptian theology* of This thesis does a good job of dicussing Crowley and Jung's commonality, and tries to 
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Death Reloaded: The Isis Thesis unveils the Sublime Secret Five thousand years ago, the Egyptian Pharaohs discovered then silenced the . The Isis thesis, a study decoding 870 Ancient Egyptian Signs Vol 1; The road 
Secret Societies and Subversive Movements, by Nesta H. Webster In the study of secret societies we have then a double line to follow—the course . B.C., spent some years in Egypt, where he was initiated into the Mysteries of Isis. . study of occultism, asserts that there were therefore two Cabalas: the ancient In the practical Cabala this method of "decoding" is reduced to a theurgic or 
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